Horseback Riding at Kohl’s Ranch

Check out the link below for a glimpse of my journey into Butterfly Canyon on my favorite horse, Caesar!


So here’s yet another reason to love Payson — Horseback Riding at nearby Kohl’s Ranch.

It cost us a mere $30 an hour to ride deep into the lovely forests near Kohl’s Ranch.  On our 1 hour tour,  we traveled down rugged terrain into Butterfly canyon, saw incredible views and encountered a curious deer who seemed to follow our group until he finally crossed in front of our horses near a dry creek bed.

The horseback rides are guided tours which are scheduled for 1, 2 or 3 hours, with the 2 hour trip the most popular, according to our guide.  During the 2 hour tour,  the journey includes not only a foray deep into the forest, but a marvelous detour to some gorgeous waterfalls in the area.

After a fun  ride in the forest, we settled in for lunch at Kohl’s Ranch’s  Zane Grey Steakhouse and Saloon, and had mouthwatering burgers!

Here’s a few tips:

Before you go, call 928-478-4211 to schedule your ride.

Here are Directions from Payson to Kohl’s Ranch Stables:

From Payson, go East on Hwy 260 for about 16 miles, and turn right on Kohl’s Ranch Lodge Road.  Follow the road into Kohl’s Ranch. The Stables will be on the right. Follow the sign that says “Stables”  and travel down the dirt road to the horses. The road veers right at the end and leads directly to the stables. ( BTW– watch out for the speed “dips!” They’ll slow you down one way or another! 🙂 )



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